Health Information Exchanges

Privately insured patients in Kenya endure long waits for pre-authorization and often do not understand the benefits they are entitled to, the exclusions and the sub-limits. They also have no way of knowing the cost implications of going with a particular provider in advance – which leads to them being unable to manage the utilization of their benefits properly.

Providers contracted by health insurances on their end transact with payers through paper-based processes, which lengthens turn around times as well as accounts payable durations.

Savannah Informatics’ HIE solves these challenges by facilitating real time online pre-authorization and claims’ processing, saving both patients and providers time.

Hospitals and Health Systems

Savannah Informatics works with partners to deliver our integrated Health Information Systems, Slade360, which assures the management of one patient under one care record within the whole health system. This reduces care fragmentation and improves clinicians’ satisfaction while delivering context-specific clinical decision support at the point of care. Based on the current health IT standards and terminologies, Savannah helps hospitals create the data foundations that belies robust research in various clinical and policy areas of interest.

Government, Public Health Partners and Regulators’ Solutions

The Kenyan government seeks to attain a middle income status for the nation under its Vision 2030 aspiration. Underlying this is the ability to use health care data generated by various agencies in its policy work. Savannah Informatics works with the government and donor partners to deliver integrated data services layers (DSL) that enable better decision making.

Various organizations in the donor community envision creating Health IT infrastructure that enable quality clinical care outcomes as well as increased health insurance coverage in Kenya. Savannah Informatics works with them to create public health IT infrastructure that meets the populace needs as well as the donors’ mandates.

Regulators and partners across the Human Resource for Health (HRH) sector work to ensure the delivery of Continous Professional Development (CPD) programs for clinicians and other health providers. We work hand in hand with them to define new eLearning offerings as well access and reporting channels for the same.


Savannah Informatics works with both business and medical schools to create pre-service Clinical Informatics training opportunities for their students as well as help build adequate faculty capacity. Together with other stakeholders, we help in curricula review, development, and implementation activities.


Savannah’s eLearning technology provides partner organizations with the applications they need to deploy mobile and desktop eLearning to their customers and clients – when they need them and using their in-house content and capabilities. It’s Kenya’s first on-demand eLearning tool chest for all kinds of professional organizations as well as learning institutions.

Benefits to our clients include:

  • Get more flexibility: No matter what type of content you have, you’ll have instant access to tools that enable you to publish it across multiple platforms and technologies.
  • Be the expert: We will bring to your disposal the technology and show you how to fix the problem and needs at hand.
  • Do your job faster: Our intuitive technology focuses on efficiency gains and increased reach.
  • Make your customers happy: For our client organizations, our competitive pricing allows you to reach more customers without increasing the acquisition costs.